PTSD Awareness Month

In 2014, the U.S. Senate established the whole month of June as National PTSD Awareness Month. All throughout the month of June we will be sharing information about different ways all of us patriots can help Raise Awareness on this very important issue that drives the existence of our nonprofit organization.

It is our passion and duty to change the stigma that speaking up about PTSD and seeking help for it is not a weakness, but that taking a step towards getting help is the strongest and most important decision one could make to change their life for the better. The overall goal of our Combat Veterans to Careers “What’s Next” Program is to reduce not only the number of Post Traumatic Stress related suicides of Veterans (22/day), but to also reduce the number of attempted suicides (53/day).

We believe that treatment works and will continue striving to implement ways to improve the quality of life of those that suffer from combat related PTSD – and we encourage you to make a special donation to Combat Veterans to Careers in observance of PTSD Awareness Month and help us fill up our PTSD Awareness Wall at Restoring Hope Thrift Shop…

When filling out your donation, please state “PTSD Awareness” in the “Transaction Reason” form box.

Thank you for your support!

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